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Cleaning the Bike



7. Lubricating

The last job is very important. All the parts that were cleaned and degreased have to be well lubricated. This is especially true for the chain. 


Apply the chain lubricant on the inner side of the chain. A drop of lubricant for the chain link will do (see the picture). Drive the chain for a few times over the chain rings, so that the lubricant is absorbed in the chain evenly. Ideally you should wait over night in order to get best absorption, then wipe off the excess lubricant. If you don't wipe it off, more dirt will attach to the chain during the ride.


Lubricate also other moving parts in the derailleur, shifters, SPD pedals, brake and brake levers, etc. 


If you have a real leather saddle, you should take care of it as well. Use polish or cream for leather furniture. In this way the saddle will last much longer as all other parts of your bike will, if you take good care of them.





1. Introduction

2. What do you need?

3. Watering

4. Soaping and rubbing

5. Drying

6. Cleaning the drive train

7. Lubricating







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