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4. Expeditions

If you travel to a certain region, accommodate there and carry out daily bike tours, then you can say that you are on a mountain bike expedition. This is very similar to a free climbing or other mountain expeditions, at least on the organizational side. An MTB expedition can be quite wild and adventurous, if your base is for example in the desserts of Morocco, and quite civilized and comfortable, if it is in a hotel in the Austrian Alps. 


The main problem with expeditions is information, i.e. where to go, what is the terrain like, where to ride, where to spend the night, the water and food, bike service, etc. The Internet is today the best way to get information. There are quite a lot of websites like the one you're looking at right now, that provide sufficient information (see Links). And there are tourist resorts all over the world waking up to see the opportunity in attracting guests with offering some descent off-road riding as well (more).




Riding below the Kosuta crest in the vicinity of Trzic


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