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Becoming a Mountain Biker



For beginners ...


If you want to become a fireman, affiliate yourself with your local fire brigade. But if you want to become a mountain biker, begin with reading this article.


1. Introduction

If you ask an average real mountain biker, all dressed up with somewhat weird clothes and equipment, how on earth he became such a weirdo, he will tell you something like this: "First, I bought a mountain bike and rode in the neighborhood. Then I started to ride local cart tracks and also some steep trails. After a few nasty falls, including flying over handlebars, I bought my first helmet. When the rides were getting longer, I padded my bottom with real black cycling shorts. They were also disgustingly tight, but I had more clearance around the saddle then. During hot summer months my hands were slipping, while holding the handlebar grips. So I bought cycling gloves... Now, after several years of mountain biking, I have my fourth bike, which is now correct size and quality. I've got full finger gloves and my back turned into Camelbak..."


Well, it really takes some time before one becomes a real mountain biker. I am going to give you some hints, so that it is easier for you. Use The MTB Glossary, if you don't understand the vocabulary.




Riding on Klobuk near Ljubljana


1. Intro

2. What kind of a bike?

3. For how much?

4. Where to buy?

5. How to buy?

6. The right size

7. Initial adjustments

8. The weight

9. Hardtail or a fully?

10. Obligatory accessories






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07. februar 2007 

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