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10. Obligatory accessories

In any case the bike is not the only thing you need to buy, if you want to become a mountain biker. Riding without a helmet is dangerous. Tight shorts are also a must, despite now fashionable freeride shorts, which are like ordinary shorts that will get stuck at your saddle. You also need a wind jacket, which helps during rather chilly descents and might also help against rain initially.


SPD pedals
If your feet are securely attached to the pedals, then your pedaling is more efficient and your DH riding is more controlled and thus safe. In the old days one could use straps, but today SPD pedals (SPD = Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) are the ultimate solution and a must when riding off-road. They are very similar to alpine ski binding, and they automatically release in case of a fall as well. It can be frustrating to use them at the beginning, until you learn to release them subconsciously. But don't give up too soon!


Since sweaty hands slide easily, you can't hold the grips securely. That is why you should wear gloves. And if you also want to protect your fingers in case of a fall, then use full finger gloves.


Of course, the list of additional equipment doesn't end here. You can also get yourself a bike computer, water bottles, back pack, emergency repair tool kit, a couple of spare inner tubes, small pump, first aid kit, altimeter, compass, etc.


When riding off-road, you don't really want bike panniers or big backpack to bother you when riding those tight singletracks. You need to get used to pack small and light, just the essentials. You should try to keep the bike clean, without too much additional equipment.

I wish you well with choosing your bike and becoming a real mountain biker and let me give you some final advice:


  • if this is going to be a beginning of your recreation, then do not rush things, start slowly with short distances and easy climbs, so that you prevent potential back pain, knee pain, etc.


  • when riding off-road, you should be out of the saddle a lot with slightly bent knees, especially during descents, so do not persist sitting all the time!




The accessories


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10. Obligatory accessories






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