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2. What kind of a bike?

Where do you want to ride? Answer this question first. If you want macadam easy rides, then buy a trekking bike instead of a mountain bike. But do not get yourself an off-road bike, if you are going to have mainly asphalt rides! There are different bikes for that purpose, with narrow tires and without any suspension. But for off-road riding, thick and wide tires are a must and provide ultimate traction and thus safety. 


If you want light bike, then forget freeride bikes. If you like free fall velocity, then forget about XC bikes. And if you don't know yet, then you'd better wait and get a test ride (ask your friends, local bike shop, rent a bike in a tourist resort, etc.). The same goes for a dilemma whether to choose a full suspended bike or a hardtail. But more about this later.


When you are already determined about the type, then you've got to choose the brand. It is best to stick to renowned brand names. These are the ones that you see at your local bike shops, specializing in mountain biking. You can also buy an MTB magazine or two and read the reviews. Do not ignore the Internet, which can be your ultimate source (see Links). You can soon have a few brand names and models chosen. Then all you have to do is visit bike shops and other possible sources.




Real off-road tires have rotation indicated 


1. Intro

2. What kind of a bike?

3. For how much?

4. Where to buy?

5. How to buy?

6. The right size

7. Initial adjustments

8. The weight

9. Hardtail or a fully?

10. Obligatory accessories






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