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Becoming a Mountain Biker



3. How much to spend on a bike?

The price range for mountain bikes is quite huge - from modest couple of hundred US dollars (Euros) to a couple of thousand dollars (Euros) and more. Well, as usual the price tag is closely related to the quality. More expensive bikes are lighter, more durable and work better.


If you expect me to tell you how much you should spend, then I've got to disappoint you. It is simply not possible, since 200 US dollars (Euros) can be quite an investment for someone and on the other hand 1000 US dollars (Euros) the usual amount for someone else. But I can give you a hint - for a serious beginner DEORE level of Shimano components would be appropriate. But you have to pay attention whether the bike is equipped with a complete set of DEORE components or just with the rear derailleur.




The Presta valve can't sink into the rim while pumping the tire


1. Intro

2. What kind of a bike?

3. For how much?

4. Where to buy?

5. How to buy?

6. The right size

7. Initial adjustments

8. The weight

9. Hardtail or a fully?

10. Obligatory accessories






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