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What to wear in the cold days?


1. Introduction

It is simple in the summer. All you need is a jersey and shorts. If you ride up in the mountains, then a light wind jacket comes handy as well. But from the end of September on, you definitely need more clothes than that. Unfortunately the complete list of equipment and clothes is quite long. There are more than 26 peaces in my collection and there is still room to ad more. Many don't like riding a bike in the cold, since there is so much equipment needed. 


Mountain biking is a sport that requires much more equipment for the colder days than probably any other all season sport. And why? Because it is a very active sport with considerable speed and consequently chill effect because of the resulting wind. A lot of sweating when climbing and a lot of wind when descending, comparing to running, where the speed is relatively constant all the time. The consequence of this is the need to be dressed precisely right. You shouldn't wear too much, because of too much sweating and you shouldn't wear too little not to be cold while descending, but just right for the temperature and wind. This means wearing multiple layers of clothes, which can easily be removed or added.


In general, biking clothes should be tight fitting, so that they can't get stuck on a bike. This applies especially for winter clothing, since they are already more cumbersome to wear. But you still have to be careful that your clothes are not too tight, so that they allow free blood flow.




 In the vicinity of Borovnica


1. Intro

2. Sweat

3. Wind and rain

4. Cold and water

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