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4. Cold and water

In winter, when it is freezing cold and can be also pretty wet, you can get enough protection only with neoprene material. It is well known from water sports. When it gets wet, it traps a layer of water, which is then heated by your body and thus the warm protection is made.


Shoe gaiters and gloves are the most common examples of neoprene use in biking. If you use XC SPD shoes, then you absolutely must use the gaiters, since SPD cleats connected to the soles of the shoes result in very cold feet. If you want more regular winter riding, then you should buy special winter cycling shoes. But these are rare on the market.


Then you can also have neoprene face mask and a baklava, which are both needed in extreme cold.  


Of course it is wise to protect your head in the cold as well. The simplest is a thin Wind Stopper hat, that you put under your helmet.






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