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6. Darkness

Since days are much shorter in the cold season, the rides greatly depend on the artificial light. If you don't use a lamp, then it can often happen that you can't even ride a bike, since you came late from work. And then there are only weekends left.


There are two types of bike lights. The ones mounted on the handlebar and the other ones, mounted on the helmet. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. The handlebar type is good since the light beam is not parallel to your sight and therefore you can see shadows that help you recognize the terrain configuration much better. But you can point the light beam only in the direction of the bike, which is not helpful in tight corners, singletracks and also if you want to look away from the trail or down on your bike. And the last but not least, because the light is on the handlebar and thus in front of the bike computer and any other gadgets that you might use, you can't really use them as if it was daylight. And on the other hand, the light mounted on the helmet has got just the opposite characteristics and thus more good ones than bad ones.


The fact is that for normal off-road riding you need fairly powerful light, which is as bright as the car headlights! But unfortunately they don't come cheap.


You also need rear red light and reflecting elements, if you ride through urban areas. 


In those gray days it is nice to wear yellow glasses to make them more colorful and to recognize the terrain better. 


So, get yourself equipped for the cold days and don't let them keep you away from your bike and your trails. 




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