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Mountain biking is a dusty and muddy adventurous recreation for me, on more or less steep terrain. And it doesn't have to be in the mountains. The French term describes it perfectly: VTT (Velo Tout Terrain = all terrain bike). This is supposed to be characteristic for described trails presented here on this website.


There is still the famous ordinance in force here in Slovenia, which regulates riding bikes in natural environment. Possible questionable parts of trails described are not extra indicated. Riding and using road books available on this website are at your own risk and responsibility. If in doubt, walk the questionable part.

Road Book is a short and to the point guidebook to have it with you on the ride, an instruction to find the right way. It is in a table format, so that it can be used easier. Every crossing is usually indicated, in addition the important ones are black with bigger letters (ATTENTION about printing!).

The time, when the Road Book and other relevant information were last updated, is indicated in the top right corner, e.g. August 2003


How to use the Road Book? Follow important crossings (black in the Road Book) and ride on more bitten path and/or straight in the same direction between them. When in doubt, check the detailed part of the Road Book (not black).


Do not expect that kilometers on your bike computer will match the ones in the Road Book. And this is the case even if you have your bike computer correctly calibrated (How to calibrate a bike computer?). Deviation has to be taken into account. In the case of bigger errors, it is useful to measure shorter distances, i.e. from crossing to crossing. 


Maps have to be used in any case, preferably Slovenian national topographic maps (Drzavna topografska karta) in the scale 1:25000. They can be bought at local Geodetic Administration Offices (Geodetska uprava) in Slovenia and also in specialized bookstores (Kod&Kam). There is also on-line version of the complete scale set of Slovenian maps (Interactive atlas). You have to register to use it, otherwise it is free of charge.


About riding time: this is time given by a bike computer in auto stop mode, meaning that snack breaks and other stops are not included. But you can get rough total time if you take an hour for each 10 km.

Since the Road Book has characters with various font sizes and black important table cells, usual printing from a browser is not appropriate. There are two options for printing:


  • if you can print background from your browser:

for printing tiskanje

  • in any case it is best to print by using Adobe Reader:




How to calibrate a bike computer?
Accuracy of your bike computer depends on accuracy of the circumference of the front wheel entered. The later doesn't depend only on the wheel size (e.g. 26"), but also on the tire pressure. This means that if your tire is leaking air, your bike computer is not accurate, since the tire pressure is not the same as when you first measured the circumference, . 


The way you measure the wheel's circumference is also very important. The best is that you ride your bike in a straight line along the street and count the turns of your wheels. Measure the distance traveled with a tape measure. Dividing the distance with the number of turns gives the circumference. It is wise to write down the tire pressure at the time you carried out this procedure. And of course it has to be repeated after every tire change.

But also if everybody had calibrated bike computers, it is very likely that there would still be deviations between bike computers. Why? Because of different line of driving, taking shortcuts through turns, etc.


km - length of a trail in kilometers

m - meters, total ascent or height above sea level as in the Road Book

h - riding time in hours; stops and pauses are not included!

difficulty - total difficulty of a trail

panorama - openness of the terrain, views,  terrain suitability for MTB

skills - level of riding skills required, over- coming obstacles up and down hill

orientation - level of orientation skills required, difficulty at finding the right way

aerobic - level of aerobic fitness required regarding the length of the trail, total ascent and terrain


singletrack - trail, path, footpath, difficult cart track (parallel ride not possible)

cart track - up to 2 m wide path, on which all terrain vehicles can normally drive

macadam - non surfaced road, on which regular vehicles can normally drive

asphalt - side or main surfaced road


min - time in minutes

DTK - Slovenian national topographic map, scale 1:25000

no. - number of DTK map

AS - Atlas of Slovenia, scale 1:50000

page - page in the Atlas of Slovenia

PZS - Slovenian Alpine Association




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