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1. Introduction

I am chewing a rubber valve in my mouth and carefully sipping my greatest ally today - H2O, which is still refreshingly cold. It is nine and a half. It is still early. We are only into the third kilometer so far. My hand gloves are still wet from yesterday's ride. I wipe off red dust from the bike computer, which is showing the velocity of only 10 km per hour. Damn slow! Dusty road is wide and straight, not going up hill at all, but it is so much eroded by water that I really have to pay attention where I ride, like singletrack riding in small canyons!


My bones are still screaming because of yesterday's 50 km ride in Sulcis. My whole body is hurting. But I don't really feel it, the Sardinia landscape is driving me to go on, to rotate those pedals. Blue sky is running into the fresh spring green color of numerous Sardinian pastures on one side and into deep blue and crystal clear Sardinian sea on the other.




After nice downhill in Codula di Sisine canyon you get a pleasant welcome from Cala di Sisine beach (route 17 in Sole, Sale, Salita guide)


1. Introducton

2. How, what and why?

3. Roberto

4. The snake

5. Windmills

6. Seven brothers

7. Codula di Sisine

8. So long

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