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Sierra Norte



2. Rover and three bikes

Fernando kept his promise. There were three bikes in the Rover: one full suspended and two hardtails even without front suspension, i.e. total hard bikes. Of course the later were for Marjetka and me. I was missing my own bike with quite decent front suspension, but in this case I was very much pleased with this hardy as long as it was a bike!


Fernando surprised us with a contract. We didn't expect it, but it was fine, since there were some articles about our insurance, etc. So it looked useful for us as well and we signed it and paid everything right away. We trusted Fernando. 


After all the formalities it took us quite some time to get out of the city. We were heading north to the national park of Sierra Norte, which is 100 km from Seville. Soon after we'd left the city, the fog luckily gave way to clear blue sky with the morning sunshine. Narrow local road was winding among endless orange and lemon tree fields. And it was totally flat. Only after a while we noticed the rising on the horizon, where we were headed. And the landscape was slowly changing as well. There were more trees, fields were replaced by pastures with goats and pigs just having their breakfast. There were long wire fences along the road, protecting private property, as Fernando told us. It was not allowed to ride bike in this area, that is why he took us to the national park, where everyone could pursue outdoor sports. And in fact we met quite a few bikers and one bigger group during that day.





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