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Sierra Norte



4. Spanish terrain

We were in Seville officially. Already on the plane from Madrid to Seville I was looking down at promising landscape. Typical red soil and sparsely overgrown land with numerous trails. The ones along crests with open views were looking especially attractive. The Spanish terrain really made in impression on me and I definitely wanted to try it.


Sierra Norte national park is not that big. It measures 70x35 km and 100 to 1000 m in height. According to the park brochure, there are also some wild animals, from wild cat and lynx to red deer. Unfortunately we saw only wild rabbits during our one day visit. The park is also made as recreation area. There are picnic areas, which are very popular here, and numerous trails for hiking and mountain biking. Climbing and some water sports are also possible. There are some bigger villages and localities in the park as well and a deserted iron mine. The park reception is in the village of Constantina, where our staring point was as well.





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4. Spanish terrain

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