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Explore the Karst while we still have it

It was not until I started biking in the Karst area that I realized the vulnerability of nature in a large scale. Highways literally wipe out huge areas of land. When we drive along the highway, we can't see its width, because of the speed. But when you bike along a highway, you just can't believe it. Highways are so wide. They just cut through the land, slicing it in two separate peaces. Poor animals! But that's not all. There are also power lines webbing the land from the air. This is so true especially for the area of Senadole, where this trail is located.

Starting point

Senozece is a smaller town along the main motor way from inland to the seaside, 70 km south of Ljubljana.


Trail description

Let me first warn you that orientation is quite difficult and sometimes uncertain, because cart tracks are mostly grassy and therefore they hardly differ from the surroundings. Well, in the case you get lost, there is no need for any concern or panic, since the whole area of the trail is surrounded by local asphalt roads that connect villages and would get you safely back to the starting point as well. But do not forget to take a map with you! At first there is a nice local side road that takes you from Senozece to a small village called Potoce. Then after crossing wide meadows, you slowly descent into Senadole valley. There are some nice cart tracks and a singletrack at the end of the valley. The later is in fact a horse ride track. From the village of Storje you start returning back to the starting point. There is an easy climb over to the villages of Podbreze and Brestovica. This is the area where it might be difficult to find the right way. You can get from Podbreze to Brestovica over the village of Povir in any case, on the local asphalt road. Then there is a long steady climb, not too steep, to Cebulovica, where you cross the highway. The last part takes you to the crossing below Mt. Vremscica, and from there via Gabrce back to Senozece.


Other possibilities

The whole area is well covered with macadam roads and cart tracks. Therefore there are endless possibilities to explore. In addition there is also a network of way marked trails for bikers in the Karst area.


A) If you want to avoid going under and over the highway, then you can start the tour at no. 9. When coming back, turn left at no. 42 in this case.


B1) Many can be bothered by the fact that there is a descent at the beginning and ascent at the end, which is quite the opposite as usual. If you are one of them, then start the tour in Storje (no. 24).


B2) You can also avoid highway in this case - at no. 41 go straight on and down the hill on macadam road to Senadole (see the map).


C) You can also start in Dolenja vas, which can also be nice starting point. In this case you join the trail at no. 8.













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26.44 km

2 h 15 min

520 m


558 m

352 m

635 m

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