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Short and beautiful trail without asphalt


Sometimes you want a shorter and easier ride. Especially if it still has the elements of a real MTB trail, including nice DH. A mountain or better a hill called Slivnica is very much suitable for such a ride. Slivnica is directlly above Cerknica and Cerknica lake. It is also very popular among hikers, so there are numerous pathways, which are mostly suitable for bikers, too. Country in this part of Slovenia is sparsely inhabited and people living here are also thrifty with asphalt. So, this can be a trip to real nature which you can conclude with swimming in the Cerknica lake in the summer. Otherwise the trail is suitable for all seasons. After heavy rain there's mud only in the upper part of grassy DH.


Starting point

Martinjak is a smaller village 3 km east of Cerknica, along the main motorway Unec - Rakek - Cerknica - Loz.


Trail description

In order for the ascent to be just the right duration, we start in the village of Martinjak, which is right below the top of Slivnica, viewed from South. At first there is a nice cart track leading to the main macadam road, which takes you right to the top. There's plenty of shadow for the hot summer months. There are also some short steep sections. At the top of Slivnica or better near the hut you can have magnificent view over a large part of Notranjska region, including the beautiful Cerknica lake. But the best part is still to come. DH from the top is following the west crest towards Cerknica and is one of the most beautiful in Slovenia. In the summer you have to be careful about electric shepherds - wires across the trail. There can be many of them and bumping in them can be dangerous. In the lower part of DH grass is replaced by quite rocky terrain, which can be tricky in some parts. Described trail is not going directly to Cerknica. It returns to Martinjak right away on a macadam road, which used to be a nice cart track. As far as orienting is concerned, the trail is very easy. You should keep turning left during ascent and keep riding on the beaten path during descent. And even if you get lost, when you get down to the plain you won't be far from the starting point, since the whole area is relatively small.


Other possibilities

There are almost 1000+ ways to climb Slivnica by bike. You can start in Martinjak, Grahovo, Cerknica, etc.


A1) When you are approaching the top, you can branch off to the cart track and later continue on a singletrack over the top of Slivnica and then descent to the hut. (Variant 1 in the Road Book).


A2) You can choose rougher and more difficult DH (at no. 13, Variant 2 in the Road Book).


A3) You can turn to the northern face and have a nice grass type singletrack (at no. 15, Variant 3 in the Road Book).


B) The main starting point for hikers is Cerknica. If you start from here, you can join the trail between no. 17 and 18 via nice and partly difficult singletracks.


C1) You can also ascent on the footpath that goes directly to the top, which is mostly cyclable, but more appropriate for DH.


C2) Or you can ascent on macadam road from the north.


D) If you are a mountain biker that likes to ride on the asphalt as well, then you can finish the loop along the main motorway Cerknica - Grahovo, which is nice and panoramic.












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 16.85 km

 1 h 15 min

 544 m


 590 m

 1090 m

 100 %



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