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Mt. Vidova



Bol, Island of Brac, Croatia


1. Info and trail description

Bol is internationally known Croatian sea resort at the Adriatic coast. But Mt. Vidova, which is rising directly above Bol is less known. At 780 m above sea level, it is the highest mountain of Adriatic islands. Thus it also causes famous thermal wind Maestral, known to windsurfers who invade Bol in the summer.


>>Bol - Murvica - Mt. Vidova - Bol

If we want to conquer Mt. Vidova from Bol as real mountain bikers (i.e. off-road) then there is only one way to do it - in direction of Murvica. We start ascending on macadam road with a lot of hairpin bends to the top plateau just before Farska village. 


When we reach the top plateau, we have to pay attention to the side cart track on the right, which will lead us in direction back to Bol. This cart track is in the area of trees, called Fantovi dolci. Soon the cart track leads us past deserted sheepfold and some sort of a water well. This is where we turn left in the East direction off the current cart track.


Now the cart track is clearly visible and easy to bike. We follow it until we reach the main asphalt road to Mt. Vidova, where we turn right. There is approx. 1 km from here to the top. 

On the return we go along a footpath called Vela staza leading directly to Bol. First we descent back on the asphalt to the parking lot just beneath the top of Mt. Vidova (outside the fence), where we turn right on the cart track. The later leads us soon to a fence. After going through the fence, we then continue along the footpath. This footpath comes from the top, but is not cyclable down to here. We then follow this path all the way to Bol.


Well, the path is not easy at all. It demands quite high level of DH riding skills. It is cyclable almost all the way, depending on your skills of course. At the beginning there are some major difficulties because of big rocks, but soon the path is nicer and just occasionally very difficult. In the last part the path is wider, but still difficult to bike. A helmet is a must on this DH. And if you have any additional protection do not hesitate to use it because the terrain is rocky and the rocks are sharp!




The last third of DH along an interesting "mulatjera" - old path for sheep


1. Info and trail description

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