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Driving among meadows and forests of a limestone plateau


In spring and autumn, the possibility of sudden change of weather increases in our country. That's why mountain bikers prefer terrains with many possibilities for shelter. Dobrovlje, a limestone plateau not far away from Celje, is ideal choice for these seasons. There are many farms and people are very hospitable, so a shelter seeking biker should not be scared.


Starting point

The trail starts near the church of St. Martin in a small village of Šmartno, 4 km E from Vransko. To get there, follow the old main road from Vransko to Celje. In Prekopa, turn left at the fire station. Then take the first street right and follow the main road. After a small ascent you will cross highway near tollbooth. Further follow descending road to the bottom of the valley. The church of st. Martin is situated on your left and has an old yellow frontage.


Trail description

The described trail follows a logical succession of macadam roads and cart tracks, which crosses almost the whole plateau. The starting ascent will warm you up for up-and-down ride that follows. The trail leads to the other side of the plateau, and sometimes offers nice panoramic views of upper Savinja valley and Grintavci mountain range. Then in a long right turn the trail catches another system of roads and brings you back to the starting point. The most serious part is the last descent, which goes along some walking trails and abandoned forester's tracks.

Before starting a ride, please remember a WARNING: Pay attention as you pass pasture-grounds, since there are some "invisible" wires crossing your way!


Other possibilities

A) It is possible to leave your vehicle a little higher up, maybe near a hunting residence (no. 4). If you want to completely avoid the starting ascent, you can park your car at no. 6. In this case, you will have to skip a final off road descent, too (at no. 29 you will have to take road to the right). In general it is wisely to skip final descent in extremely wet ground conditions.


B) Those seeking more bold off road tracks can take path to the left before no. 35 and then near the farms of Hribernik and Jug find their own way down the W side of the hill Konjsek. A good map is warmly recommended.


C) One can shorten the loop using some cross tracks, for instance at no. 6 it is possible to go directly to no. 29; similarly 8 - 22, 10 - 19 in 12 - 18. 













 Starting point



 Riding time

 Total ascent


 Starting height

 Max height





39.2 km

3 h 30 min

1090 m


315 m

1020 m

100 %



 Cart track




2 km

26 km

9.5 km

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