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Limbarska gora

  21 km   700 m   1:45 h










A short trail on a panoramic mountain


Limbarska gora is a woody hill with steep north face and gently sloping south face with nice villages and meadows. Because of easy access (via one of the main auto routes in Slovenia), a baroque church on the top and nice panoramic views, this hill is well known among hikers. A labyrinth of paths invites many mountain bikers to find their own way up the hill. (more information at >> in >>)


Starting point

Leave your vehicle at the village of Zirovse, 2 km W from Blagovica, 7 km SWW from Trojane. From old main road Ljubljana - Trojane take right at sign Zirovse and cross the new highway. It is best to park your car below the village near the small electro-transformation unit.


Trail description

The best time to ride this tour is winter or summer. Choose a bright and sunny day to enjoy the panorama. I would also recommend to avoid some sections (no. 25 - 29) for a few days after heavy rain.


The path described here starts on the north face, first ascents are the hardest ones and they will certainly warm you up for enjoying the rest of the ride. The rest is a nice trip on southern part of the hill. The route follows a logical succession of cart tracks and walking paths which leads to the top of Limbarska gora, descends to one of many forgotten valleys and finally over the crest of Golcaj reaches the starting point. The only real imperfection of here described path is unable ness to completely avoid asphalt. However, nice landscape and a taste of serious off road biking are a good counterweight to this fault.


Other possibilities

A) In case of snow the route becomes very exciting especially in terms of orientation. On such occasions the best way is to reach the top via the mostly asphalted main road (Serjuce, Vodice) and then descend in the opposite way of here described way. Be careful because of hikers!


B) For a few days after heavy rain it is best to avoid the muddy part of the tour. At no. 19 go left and take the right cart track (a sign "Golcaj") which finally splits to singletrack. Further follow the red and yellow signs until the crest of Golcaj (a church and old ruins). Follow the crest some hundred meters to no. 29.













 Starting point



 Riding time

 Total ascent


 Starting height

 Max height





20.85 km

1 h 45 min

700 m


420 m

775 m

100 %



 Cart track




4.78 km

9.37 km

2.86 km

3.84 km





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