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Mountain for capable off-road riders


I first encountered Mt. Nanos when I was still a child. The image of immense cliff rising above small village of Razdrto was unforgettable. And still today, Mt. Nanos is overwhelming for me. And even more as a mountain biker. Grassy open slopes cover the mountain, providing excellent terrain for off-road riding. 


Described trail is suitable for mountain bikers who like wild and rocky nature. They should be fond of technical riding as well. Since some of the sections are quite demanding. If you hate to walk and carry or push your bike, when you run out of breath or adequate suspension, then this trail is not for you and you may concur Mt. Nanos with less effort and off-road riding skills on asphalt road (see A below).


The most appropriate time to ride is from October to April. Because of overgrown trails and heat. But not if there is snow cover during winter.


Starting point

Razdrto is a very small village just at the foot of Mt. Nanos, at eastern side. It is well known in Slovenia because of the highway, which used to end here in the past. This is also the easiest way to get to Razdrto. Take highway from Ljubljana to Koper at Slovenian coast. Razdrto is 60 km from Ljubljana.


Trail description

From Razdrto you go across the highway and towards a parking, where hikers climbing Mt. Nanos leave their cars. Then you start a nice and long descent on a singletrack. Almost 5 km long DH will be inspiring for everyone. You don't have to look into the road book all the time. Just keep on more bitten bike tracks and do not turn left and down the hill, except at no. 15 in the road book. This nice DH is interrupted with fortunately short asphalt ascent, i.e. the road leading to the Vojkova hut on the top of Mt. Nanos. And then in a short while another singletrack DH follows. From Sv. Nikolaj church you ride along the marked trail, called Gradiska tura. 


In Gradisce you reach the lowest altitude and then there is a rough and demanding climb (over Plaz) onto the plateau ahead of you. The trail is mostly cyclable all the way, but a horse's power is needed. It can be too difficult to ride for a lot of bikers! This section is also marked, follow signposts for Nanos and Abram farm. When you get onto the plateau, there are nice and easy macadam roads, which become quite steep towards the end. But it is worth the effort, since there are nice views. But that is not all, DH back towards Razdrto is demanding and interesting at the same time. It is cyclable almost all the way.


Since the trail over Plaz is badly cyclable (low speed or walking), cycle computers fail to be accurate enough. Because of that the road book is reset to zero at the top the climb, i.e. at no. 35 in the road book.


Other possibilities

A) You can shorten and make the trail easier, if you ascent onto the plateau on the asphalt road (from no. 22 to no. 42). In this case you carry out only the eastern loop.


B) If you have enough of wilderness towards the end of the final DH, then you can avoid the last part. Turn left at no. 54 towards the village of Strane and then on asphalt road back to Razdrto (look at the map).


C) You can start in Vipava valley in the village of Gradisce (at no. 29).


D) Furthermore you can carry out only the western loop - from Podnanos go on asphalt to no. 42 and then in the opposite direction over Plaz descend to Gradisce. In this case the demanding climb turns into a nice and only partly demanding DH.


E) In addition, there is also a possibility of another ascent to the Vojkova hut, with even better views, but more difficult - past the church of Sv. Jeronim (right at no. 45).












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 Riding time

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 37.1 km

 4 h 30 min

 1480 m


 580 m

 1269 m

 93 %



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