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Cleaning the Bike



6. Cleaning the drive train

The most important part to clean is the chain. So, we could call this chapter chain cleaning. You should have a special rug only for this job, which is usually really dirty. 


Use the rug to wipe dry every chain link separately. In this way the chain will shine bright and clean. You can also deep clean the chain a few times a year with degreaser or benzene. It is best to take the chain off the bike in this case, or to use a special tool that you can get at your local bike store. At the end it is very important that after deep cleaning you also do a deep lubricating! 


You should always clean also the rear derailleur jockeys. They are usually very much filled with dirt. A smaller screwdriver is helpful at this job. 


And there are also chain rings and rear sprockets left to clean. If you want to do it perfectly you should take them apart. But this is seldom done. The usual way is just to rub the chain rings with the rug every time the chain is being cleaned. You can get a special brush for doing this. The brush is especially helpful at cleaning the rear sprockets, which have tight deep spaces between them.





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2. What do you need?

3. Watering

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5. Drying

6. Cleaning the drive train

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