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Cleaning the Bike



If cleaning of the frame is a matter of carefulness, then cleaning of the chain is a matter of necessity. 

No kidding!


1. Introduction

Cleaning the bike, but not only the bike, is for sure the least amusing task. Some bikers do not clean their bikes at all. They let dirt to pile up until the gravity gets it off. Well, there are quite some reasons why this is not good:

  • dirt, which remains on the bike, slowly finds its way into the bike components' interior - bearings, etc.  because of which the wear is more rapid and the life span is thus shorter

  • the bike works worse: gear shifting is not that smooth, breaks are difficult to apply, etc.

  • damage is hidden, for example cracks in the frame can not be noticed on time

  • clean bike is nice to ride


In summer, when it's dry, dust from macadam roads and cart tracks gathers in thin layers on frame and other parts of your mountain bike. After rain and in wet periods dust on pathways changes into mud, which is even more annoying. In any case no one can avoid regular and  frequent cleaning. This is especially true for the chain.

If you experience a close encounter with a bigger amount of mud, then you have to do a complete general cleaning (chapters 1 - 7), which usually occurs a few times a season. Otherwise you have to perform a basic drive train cleaning every couple of dozen kilometers, which is basically every trip (chapters 6 and 7). If you don't, the drive train wear will be much faster.






1. Introduction

2. What do you need?

3. Watering

4. Soaping and rubbing

5. Drying

6. Cleaning the drive train

7. Lubricating







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17. junij 2004 

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