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Nice terrain south of Ljubljana + horses and bears


Mountain bikers literally invade hills around Ljubljana in the summer time. But there are still some areas to discover. In the south, across the Ljubljana swampland (Ljubljansko barje) there are some nice opportunities around Mokrec, which is a lower neighbor to more popular mountain of Krim.


Starting point

Ig is a small town located at the fringe of Ljubljana swampland (Ljubljansko barje), 10 km south of Ljubljana.


Trail description

There is a short asphalt climb from Ig, but from there on only off-road. After partly steep climb, you descent to a nice open valley along pastures just below the top of Mokrec. After crossing the main road at the other end of the valley, you start climbing to the top of Kurescek. The view from the meadows just below the top is very beautiful. From the top you descent on a short and nice singletrack to the locality of Zapotok, where you turn back towards Mokrec. This time you go along the north side of the valley on a horse trail. Because a horse can get frightened, you should be careful when you meet one. Be sure to make contact with the rider. Speaking of the animals, there's also a chance that you meet a bear. They are usually not dangerous though. Descent towards the starting point goes the same way you come up. This might seem uninteresting, but it is definitely not. The inclination of the road is just right, so you can really race it.


Other possibilities

A1) You can extend the tour so that you continue with descent in Zapotok towards Turjak (left at no. 25). And then you climb back again in the south direction along the beautiful meadows via villages Cetez and Javorje (you get back to the trail at no. 26).


DH from Zapotok towards Turjak is best to carry out along the macadam road and not along the cart track, which you can find in the maps, since the later is going past a den of a local bear.


A2) Since the tour is easy you can also visit the Turjak castle on the top of the neighbor hill. There is nice macadam road leading up there.


A3) You can return to Ig along the valley bellow Turjak, which is a quite good alternative, since the macadam road is slightly descending most of the time.


B) Ascent to Kurescek is also possible along the main asphalt road, going via the village of Golo. But the road is busy most of the time, so I recommend it only to those who lack lead in their lungs!













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28.02 km

1 h 45 min

788 m


324 m

833 m

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