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3. Wind and rain

Wind jackets - anoraks are the best protection against wind. If there is also cold, then Wind Stopper fleece can be even better and works pretty well in practice. But you have to be very careful, when buying an anorak.


The majority, but really the majority of ordinary cycling anoraks on the market will probably disappoint you. The classic vivid yellow anorak, which can be bought in every bike store does not breathe and that's the fact! Manufacturers think that it is more important that cycling anoraks are water resistant than breathable, as if they were selling rain jackets and not wind jackets! And why is breathability so important? Because it allows passage of the air and moisture, that your sweating body produces, away from the body. If this is not the case, then the moisture condenses on the inner side of the anorak and you get really wet from your own sweat. It can easily happen that on a nice autumn sunny day you return from a ride totally wet, when wearing such unbreathable anorak. And they are not appropriate for wearing in the rain either, since you again get wet from the inside.


You should have two jackets, one light and breathable and the other less light and waterproof. For the first, be careful that is not impregnated in any way, both sides of the fabrics have to look and feel the same. And for the second, if you can afford it, get yourself a Gore-tex jacket, which is really waterproof and also has enough breathability. 






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