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3. Fernando

In the village before the entrance to the national park, we stopped for a breakfast in a local inn. Since the inn was full, we concluded that people usually ate breakfast outside their homes, at least on Sundays. The atmosphere was somewhat typical for a southern European inn with all the charm in the air and dirt on the floor. Anyhow, we needed some fuel for the day.


When I first met Fernando, who ran his agency for adventurous sports Pedal Y Avantura in Seville, we both had problems communicating, since I didn't speak Spanish and he spoke nothing else but Spanish. So we had to use our hands extensively. Later on we used a combination of French and Italian words, which worked fine for us. He understood the word singletrack and he promised to do his best. As it turned out later, I had managed to tell him what kind of  tour we wanted. 


But the real problem was with bikes and other equipment, since unfortunately we didn't have any with us. We rented the bikes from Fernando, who borrowed them from his friends. He also helped us with some other equipment with bikes. For the price of 100 Euro/person we got bikes, transportation, guiding, lunch pack and the breakfast.



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3. Fernando

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