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Sierra Norte



6. Cerro del Hierro

The second loop was equally beautiful and interesting to ride. We had our lunch right on the top of a crest with magnificent view.


According to our arrangement the tour was supposed to be from 30-40 km long and when we reached our Land Rover we had over 40 km behind us. Well, Fernando had a back up trail prepared for us, in case we had still some energy left. It was a trail in the deserted iron mine Cerro del Hierro in the vicinity. There were numerous singletracks, including underground sections. It was nice ending of the day with the sun setting in reddish colors and 45 kilometers on our bike computers.


February 2000




1. Introduction

2. Rover and three bikes

3. Fernando

4. Spanish terrain

5. Spinning

6. Cerro del Hierro







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