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Sierra Norte



5. Spinning

Before we started spinning the wheels, we had to set up the bikes in order to be able to pedal comfortably the whole day. We didn't have bigger problems. The helmets did not fit well and were forcing to the forehead all the time. But otherwise everything was pretty much fine, considering the circumstances. The first few kilometers were interesting, since we were used to riding with front suspension and these bikes didn't have any. We had to adjust our speed when hitting the bumps. 


Fernando chose the trail very well. There were all the elements of a good nice MTB trail. We started off on a short asphalt, leading us out of the village. Then continued on quite wide macadam road, going along pastures. I was quite satisfied with that and I didn't expect anything better, not knowing that the best was yet to come. And it did come! Suddenly Fernando turned off the macadam through the gates of a pasture and down the hill along quite rough cart track, which turned into nice singletrack going along narrow valley with open crest on each side, a stream, grass and no dust. It was really nice! Later on we had a stop we didn't plan. A tire tube had to be replaced. But that didn't bother us at all, since the day was perfect with this magnificent Spanish terrain all around us. We continued over the crest into the neighbor valley, enjoying some nice sections of the trail again. After few more ascents and descents we reached the village of Cazalla de la Sierra, with completely white houses. We thus finished the first of the two loop ride, which Fernando had prepared for us. 





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5. Spinning

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