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4. Where to buy a bike?

There are two basic options, when buying a bike. You can choose a brand new bike or a second hand one. But if you don't have a good friend, who knows something about mountain bikes, then I strongly advise you to avoid second hand bikes. Since there are usually just few bikes in good condition on the market and there are plenty of components on a mountain bike that a beginner can't tell the condition they are in.


The offer of new bikes is immense and so is the number of stores, which could be perfect or maybe just frustrating. The best you can do is to buy the bike at your local bike store, since they can give you the right support you'll need as a beginner. There are number of things that can usually go wrong or at least you think that something is wrong. So it is wise to have the guy that sold you the bike as close as possible. And I think I don't have to tell you that you shouldn't buy your new bike at a department store or your local supermarket. Of course it is possible that you find a good deal, but usually the bikes sold there are not something you can use for serious off-road riding. So, buy your first mountain bike at your local bike store! Later on, when you know what you need and what you want, you can afford to get good buys on-line and use mail order as well.




The Schraeder valve - works well only if you pump at the gas stations


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2. What kind of a bike?

3. For how much?

4. Where to buy?

5. How to buy?

6. The right size

7. Initial adjustments

8. The weight

9. Hardtail or a fully?

10. Obligatory accessories






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