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18. Rad und Mountainbike Touren Nockberge - Bad Kleinkirchheim


No. of tours: 29
Leaves: 8
Realization: Schubert & Franzke, St. Pölten, Austria, 1999


Like many modern European ski resorts, Bad Kleinkircheim offers mountain biking in their summer season. It is a famous Austrian ski resort, not far from Slovenian border.


There are 800 km of MTB specific way-marked trails, which are covered in a special book guide, available for a symbolic price in local book stores or at the local tourist office. The guide is in a form of separate maps - leaves put together in a folder. There are more trails drawn into each map in the scale of 1:50000. Besides the basic trail info, there is also a short description provided and the type of trail as well.  


Trails are excellent. It is obvious that they were marked by local bikers. They are not just some boring macadam roads. There is plenty of nice singletracks and interesting DH sections. I recommend a visit. It is in German.





1. Intro



2. Strme kolesnice

3. Veliki kolesarski vodnik po Sloveniji

4. Gorenjska, gorskokolesarski vodnik

5. Stajerska in Koroska

6. Kolesarski izleti po Sloveniji

7. S kolesom po Kraskem parku

8. Kolesarjenje med Pohorjem in Muro

9. Bohinj za gorske kolesarje

10. Vodnik Logaske kolesarske transferzale

11. S kolesom po okolici Ljubljane

12. S kolesom okoli Julijskih Alp

13. Kolesarske poti v obcini Domzale

14. Koroska, gorskokolesarski vodnik



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18. Nockberge - Bad Kleinkirchheim

19. Rad&Bike Pinzgau

20. Gennargentu in Mountain Bike

21. MTB & Bergwandern in Karnten/Osttirol

22. Les Guides V.T.T - Corse du Nord

23. Alpi Giulie Orientali e Carso in MTB

24. Trentino in mountain bike

25. In mountain-bike dall'Ortles alle Dolomiti




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